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Surface - CreditsThe surface project was conceived in close collaboration with the stylists Melanie Broader and Kevin Kim. This work wouldn't have been possible without the outstanding dedication of the dancers-models Laura Caldow, Emma Brunton, Rachel Martin and Diana Slingsby - thank you for all your effort. Naturally, thank you to Julia Grassi- herself a brilliant portrait photographer- for her assistance, to Brigette Saville for the make-up, and to Michele at LSD for the help with the water.

'Evil Beauty' project - creditsThe 'Evil Beauty' project is a result of the collaboration with Cameron MacMillan on art direction and with costumer designer Caroline Collinge - Cameron also participated on the shoot as a dancer. A big thank you to all the dancers who participated in the shoot: Tilly Weber, Alex Newton, Sarah Storer, Anthony Kurt-Gabel and Nadine MacLean. Dominika and Brigette Saville did an outstanding job on the make-up. Finally, none of this would have been possible without the help of Jack Foxcroft at the Village Underground.

ChoreographersOver the last few years, I had the opportunity to work with great choreographers. Maresa von Stockert, who gave me the opportunity to experiment freely and work with a great company; Roger Nelson - Manager, and Liam Steel and Rob Tannion – Artistic Directors from Stan Won’t Dance, who gave me the opportunity to have a great outdoors experience. All the choreographers, young and established, that invited me to shoot their pieces and believed in the outcome when I was starting to doubt, Vinicius Salles, Jin-Yeob Cha, Sally Marie, Nadine MacLean, Katie Green, Cameron McMillan, Stephanie Schober, Colin Poole, Arthur Pitta and Sue Buckmaster, Pedro Pires, Lauren Potter, Henry Oguike,... and the list goes on and on, thank you all!