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Nuno Santos

Nuno is an award-winning photographer based in London, developing independent projects in the arena of conceptual dance photography alongside his commissioned work.

Nuno explores notions of movement and displacement through space and time as communication structures. He sees dance photography as a way to not only record a fleeting moment, but to enter into a dialogue with it – following a lead, finding the extension of a movement, the essence of an idea.

His independent projects are highly collaborative and have involved some of the finest classical and contemporary dance artists in the UK and beyond. Working with experienced designers and stylists to develop innovative conceptual imaging projects, Nuno has also created large scale installations and immersive audience experiences.

Nuno’s collaborators include Protien Dance, Maresa von Stockert, Stan Won't Dance, Shobana Jeyasingh and Henri Oguike. He has been commissioned by the London Contemporary Dance School to document their work over several years.

Nuno’s commissioned work is defined by close collaborations with choreographers, companies and dance artists at any stage in the process of developing work: before, during, and after it has been created (conceptual, commissioned, documentary).

Nuno was born and raised in Lisbon. He has lived and worked in Europe, America and Asia throughout his career.